Kowkie Durst

ceramics | portland, oregon

“My understanding of the power of images to translate history and stories has deepened through my study of petroglyphs.”

Kowkie Durst creates drawings and etchings on her ceramic works which abstract contemporary cultural icons. Infused with a love of material, she narrates the relationship between objects and everyday experiences.

An early career artist, Kowkie Durst has lived and worked in the Northwest for the past four years. She is currently an instructor at Oregon College of Art and Craft and Portland Community College. She has also taught at Clackamas Community College and Eastern Washington University. An award-winning artist, Durst’s background touches on many of the principal institutions of modern American craft. Her education spans from Penland School of Crafts and Haystack Mountain School of Crafts to the Archie Bray Foundation. Durst has shown her work widely throughout the country. She holds an MFA in Ceramics from Penn State University and a BA in German and anthropology from Tulane University.

Kowkie Durst has shown her work in The Gallery since 2007.

Artist talk in The Gallery
Barb Campbell, Victoria Christen, Kowkie Durst, Sam Morgan, Wally Schwab
Saturday, December 12, 2–3 PM



Ceramic work by Kowkie Durst is available in The Gallery. Contact the Gallery staff at 1.877.546.2655 or by email.